Momma Makeover Program

My flagship 6-week program is designed for women who have children and are struggling to balance parenting responsibilities with fitness.  The goal is to help mommas understand the reasons why they emotionally overeat, overcome negative body image after baby, and regain a sense of self-control. This program is perfect for the momma who is sick of crash diets and is looking to lose weight in a sane and holistic fashion.


Ready to take your health and fitness to the next level?  The six-week #fitforlife program is my advanced coaching program, designed for the momma who has a specific training and/or weight loss goals.


Power Coaching Session

Need guidance to excel on a particular issue in life, resolve a sticky situation, set a goal, design an accountability plan?   Sign up for your hour-long coaching session today!  You’ll change your life in one hour.  Guaranteed.

This powerful hour-long coaching session will give you the“kick-in-the-pants” you need to get your health, fitness, and life back on track.