It’s time to take care of YOU.



The Momma Makeover program is designed for mommas who are experiencing anxiety about weight loss and body image. As your coach, we work together to uncover the “why” behind emotional overeating,  weight gain/retention and related postpartum/parenting stressors.

The parenting journey is an emotionally and physically challenging time for most women. This program empowers mommas by teaching tools that shape the mindset.  By learning how to manage our thoughts and emotions, we learn how to shape our relationship with our bodies and food.

Who is this program right for?

Simply put, this program is for mommas who want to stop stressing about food. For mommas that want a long-term way to manage their optimal body weight, so that they can focus their energy on creating a vibrant and healthy lifestyle for themselves and their family.

Who is this program NOT right for?

This program is not a “lose weight quick” diet scheme. It is a mindset program that will teach you tools to establish healthy, lifelong habits. You can expect to lose weight in a realistic fashion, for good. Extreme weight loss courses work until they don’t, so if you want that, then this is not the program for you. But I’ll be here waiting for you in a couple years when you’re ready.

How is this coaching program delivered?

The program is delivered via phone or skype and includes six one-on-one coaching sessions, daily accountability check-ins, goal planning, and access to my exclusive postpartum/parenting tools. The program is confidential and uniquely tailored to the individual.


1) Food & hunger cues after baby and beyond.
2) Your postpartum body & exercise.
3) Setting boundaries for yourself and others.
4) Break the binge cycle. For good.
5) Manage your thoughts, manage your weight.
6) Future you: How to get there now.

Tools & Techniques you will learn and use

How hunger levels show up differently in our bodies after baby

Breastfeeding (if applicable), hormones and hunger

Surviving sleep deprivation
Safe exercises for the postpartum momma (and what NOT to do)
Setting boundaries & asking for help
How to navigate postpartum feelings, without using food.
Managing anxiety
Honor the healthy commitments we make to ourselves.
How to win at failing
Setting goals that guarantee success