With Kati's help, I had many "A-HA!" moments and began to trust my body and to shift my mindset regarding my body and my approach to nutrition. Kati is understanding, patient, knowledgeable and just plain awesome. Years of therapy can not compare to the amount of progress I have made in just six weeks with her! I am forever grateful.


New York

Among many things what stood out the most was the help with my meal planning. This program helped me plan out my weekly meals for my family of three along with my in-home childcare. I was able to make more space for relaxation and self-care after figuring out a structured meal plan.



I was pregnant when I completed Kati's coaching program, and I'm so glad I did.  She helped me stay motivated, plus she helped me develop a full meal plan for my family.



Coach Kati is so motivating.  I've never met her in person but through our coaching sessions she was so warm, knowledgeable and I was able to meet my weight loss goals.



Kati's program exceeded any expectations I may have had for coaching and myself to make healthy habits. It made wellness fun for me again instead of a cause for anxiety. Kati helped simplify everyday choices and at the same time, I felt empowered to take care of myself.



Kati's Coaching Program totally exceeded my expectations.   She over-delivers every time, and it is well worth the investment.  I learned so much about myself, including how to change my habits and mindset to reach my health and fitness goals.  As a result, I lost seven pounds in six weeks and continue to lose weight using the practical tools Kati taught me.


Las Vegas

 Coach Kati's program was amazing. As a life long binge eater, I finally understand what was at the root of my emotional eating, and I was able to address the issue head-on.   I finally feel like I have control back.



I knew I had signed up for something great when I overheard my husband telling someone at a party one night that working with Coach Kati was the greatest thing I could have done.