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I help tired mommas create the life they deserve.

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I see you, my beautiful friend.
You are successful, happy, and put-together.  On the outside.

But on the inside, you are working overtime to mask the low-grade depression, anxiety, exhaustion, lack of support, and isolation.
Life may look good on paper, but on the inside, you know that something is missing. 

You wonder "is this all there is? What's wrong with me?"

Know this: There is absolutely nothing wrong with you.

I'm a momma of 3, and I "looked good on paper, but felt miserable on the inside" for YEARS! 
One day I took charge of my situation and hired a life coach. 
That coaching changed my life.

I left my career in mental health/social work, and became a certified life coach.

I am a life coach that specializes in helping mommas heal.

- Heal their relationship with their body and with food.
- Heal their relationship with their job and money.
- Heal their relationship with their intimate partners, their children and even their own mothers.

I help mommas heal their relationship with themselves.

to fall deeply in love with yourself.

To RECONNECT with your purpose.

To  create that life you DESERVE.

Do you ever ask yourself "is this all there is?"



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Erica, Alaska

I hired Kati because I was about to have my second child, and I did not feel "ready."
I was so overwhelmed with everything.
Kati has an amazing skill--she helps you feel safe enough to finally speak your mind about what is at the heart of your issues without any pressure.
With her coaching, I was able to identify exactly what was the cause of my anxiety, and once I was able to identify it, she gave me a roadmap to heal, and conquer my goals! My second postpartum experience was amazing because of the work I did with her.
I am so thankful.

Lauren, New York

I am so thankful to Coach Kati and her post partum makeover program. I did not have a lot of weight to lose so my physical "makeover" was minor, however my mental and emotional makeover was HUGE. With Kati's help I had many "A-HA!" moments and began to trust my body, not let the number on the scale weigh me down (HA!) and to shift my mindset regarding my body and my approach to nutrition. I am forever grateful and wish the program could continue!

Lissa, New Mexico

With Kati's help, I had many "A-HA!" moments and began to trust my body and to shift my mindset regarding my body and my approach to nutrition. Kati is understanding, patient, knowledgeable and just plain awesome. Years of therapy can't compare to the amount of progress I have made in just six weeks with her! I am forever grateful.

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